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An online platform that allows manufacturers to place products for free and allows customers to safely order quality products within Uzbekistan in bulk without intermediaries.

Quality of products

Products comply with international standards and have the appropriate certificates.


The cost of goods is set by the manufacturer, without commissions and intermediaries.

Relevant information

Prices and products availability are always up to date.


Your funds will be saved in a special account until all parties fulfill their obligations under the agreement.

Do you want to order quality products in bulk from Uzbekistan?

Quickly and safely place an order directly from manufacturers!

How does it work?

Step 1

The buyer selects the necessary products and delivery method, signs a contract and then places an order.

Step 2

After order confirmation and payment, the products are delivered to the warehouse.

Step 3

A logistics company picks up products from a warehouse and delivers them to a specified location.

Step 4

After fulfilling all the obligations of the parties, the money is credited to the manufacturer’s account.

Are you a manufacturer from Uzbekistan and want to enter local markets?

Add products to the site and receive additional orders safely, quickly and for free!

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