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Products made in Uzbekistan are presented in the Official.uz catalog. Official.uz works directly with manufacturers.

Each product has a detailed description, photographs, certificates of origin and delivery terms. Study the products carefully before ordering them.

In order to order products, you need to go through 5 simple steps:
Step 1 – You need to add products to the cart 🛒.
Step 2 – Go to the cart page and select a delivery method.
Step 2 – Go to the checkout page and fill in all the necessary information.
Step 3 – Sign the automatically generated contract of intent.
Step 4 – Receive the final contract with the details of payment and delivery terms.
Step 5 – Send back the signed agreement and make a bank payment.

After receiving the signed contract and payment, the products are delivered to the collection point and then sent to your chosen destination.

In order to protect buyers and manufacturers, company Official.uz have implemented the following payment methods:

1) 100% advance payment to the bank account of the Official.uz company (it is done for the convenience of the customer, so that when ordering from several manufacturers, the customer can pay the total amount of the order to one bank account, with the aim of further instant no-commission transfer to all manufacturers),
2) according to the terms of the letter of credit to the bank account of the Official.uz company (hereinafter commission-free transfer to manufacturers after the fulfillment of the obligations of the parties).

In case of choosing the method of payment under the letter of credit, the supplier fulfills all the conditions under the contract, afterwards it provides documents confirming the fulfillment of all delivery obligations to the recipient’s bank.

At the moment we are cooperating with a bank – Kapital Bank (Uzbekistan).

As a trading company, Official.uz fully accompanies the loading process and acts as an independent party.

In order to confirm loading and delivery after fulfilling the obligations of the parties, Official.uz company provides a complete overview of the loading and delivery of the order in the form of high-quality video (FullHD / UHD).

Delivery is carried out within Uzbekistan.

Delivery times for products depend on the destination.

To add products to the catalog, manufacturers need to fill out an Info Request and send it to us at [email protected].

After processing the request Official.uz company representatives will contact the manufacturer’s representatives to agree on a complete product catalog, determine the date of taking photos of the products (if necessary), and sign a contract.

Please read the manufacturer’s requirements carefully before making a request.

To participate in the catalog, manufacturers must meet the following criteria:

  • Availability of certificates of origin and certificates (preferably international) confirming compliance with quality standards.
  • Providing a complete list of products with descriptions and photos.
    • Manufacturers need to prepare a list of products with the necessary description. The information request template can be downloaded from this link: https://official.uz/link/info.xlsx
    • Official.uz representatives will help manufacturers with the translation of the description of products into all languages of the site, as well as optimization of photos.
  • Providing an agreement template for each type of product.
    • You can request an Agreement template from the company’s representatives (see the Contacts section).
  • Timely data updates.
    • After the successful submission of the data, manufacturers will be able to edit the data on their products online.
      Every week, representatives of Official.uz check the relevance of prices and the availability of products from manufacturers.

Placing products on the site is free for our partners.

To become a partner you need to contact us.

We provide a wide range of trading services that may be of interest to you as well.

If you have any questions, please go to the contacts us section and do not hesitate to write us any questions.