Basalt rebar 8 mm (sample)

Rebar with a diameter of 8 mm in coils


Basalt rebar is one of the most popular and modern building materials that are widely known in the world.

Basalt rebar is actively used in construction and has unique properties:

– Basalt reinforcement is four times lighter and three times stronger than steel.
– Basalt rebar does not absorb moisture, does not conduct electrical current and has low thermal conductivity.
– Basalt reinforcement is relatively light and durable, while metal reinforcement is very heavy, which requires more effort and time during its installation.
– Due to its elasticity, basalt rebar is twisted into small coils (with a diameter of just over one meter, depending on the cross-section), which makes it easy and quick to transport and install.
– Basalt, in comparison with metal reinforcement, is more resistant to chemical attack, while metal reinforcement is subject to corrosion, which ultimately can lead to premature destruction of the concrete structure.

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Weight19 kg
Dimensions15 × 20 × 15 cm


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